Dr. Kevin E Carlson’s membership practice is designed to ensure excellent health care and unparalleled access to your doctor.  Responsive and thorough care is provided in a relaxed and professional setting, with particular attention to the needs of the individual patient.  In order to provide a highly personalized level of care, the number of patients in the practice is limited.

Dr. Carlson is available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week as your personal physician in case of emergency.  Your call will be answered immediately, or returned promptly.  Same day or next business day appointments are guaranteed.  You are able to contact Dr. Carlson via email for non-urgent issues.  A patient care coordinator attends to your referrals, appointments and other scheduling needs.  Your nurse is available for lab draws, vaccinations and phone calls during business hours.  If your medical condition warrants, Dr. Carlson will take care of you in the hospital, nursing facility and at your home.  If Dr. Carlson is out of town, one of her board certified physician colleagues will cover for her and will be able to contact her directly if needed.

This level of commitment and attention requires a direct financial relationship between the physician and the patient.  By charging an annual membership fee, there are no constraints or requirements imposed by insurers.  This restores the traditional doctor-patient relationship, where the focus is entirely on you, the patient.

I am grateful to my wonderful patients and their kind referrals.  Thank you for your interest in the practice and please contact us with any questions.